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小学英语教师资格证面试试讲稿:My friends

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【摘要】2019年上半年教师资格证面试报名马上要开始了,顺利通过教师资格证笔试考试的小伙伴们,现在该备考面试考试了。好多考生疑惑教师资格面试怎么试讲?下面小编给大家分享一下小学英语教师资格证面试试讲稿:My friends,希望能帮到大家!

Good morning everyone. What’ new today? You will have a party tonight?

Wow, it has to be so much fine. Who are you going with? Jack? Your friend? Then who is your friend? Oliver? Your deskmate. Good.

Who are you going with? Julia? You go with your best friend Tina? She is sitting behind you. Very good.

Then do you know what your friend look like? Ok, now I would like someone to come to the stage and help me. Mike, Woody, Nina please.

So here they are. First let’s look at Mike and Woody. Mike is about 120cm, but Woody is 110cm. so how can we say about Mike?

Oh in English we can say, “Mike is tall.” Tall, read after me. Tall. Good. Then how can we say about Woody? He is not tall. Yes, in English we can say, “He is short.” Short is not tall. Clear?

Short. Read after me. Short. Ok then, Mike can I ask you how heavy are you? Mike said that he is about 45 kilograms. And what about you Woody? Oh Woody said that he is about 40 kilograms. Then we can see they are not the same.

So how can we say about Mike? In English he is a little strong. It means he can put up heavy things. Mike show us you are very strong. Wow he lift a chair, very good. And then what can we say about Woody. He is not that strong. So we can call him “thin”. When you are thin, you may not have so much muscle. Just like Woody. Clear? Read after me. Thin, thin?

Pay attention to the pronunciation. Look at my tongue. Thin. Good. An then, let’s look at Nina. What do you think of her? Yes she doesn’t talk much. So we can say that she is quiet. It means that she is not noisy. Quiet. Read after me. Quiet. Good. She is quiet, but she always smile and help others. So we can call her a very friendly girl. Friendly. Read after me. Friendly. It means that she is a nice girl.

Class, you all clear about these words? Yes. Ok, let me ask you. What is Mike like? Peter? You said he is strong and tall. Is he right? Yes, very good.

What about Woody? Linda? You said he is short and… yes thin. Pay attention to the pronunciation. Thin. Good. Sit down please. Then what’s Nina like? Let’s say it together. Yes she is quiet and friendly. You are all so good. Thank you Mike, Woody and Nina. Thanks for your help. Please go back to your seat.

Now let's play a guessing game called who is he/she? First I would say something about someone in our class. Then you tell me who is he/she. Okay clear about rule? Pay attention to my question.

Who is tall in our class? Joy please, Johnson, Mickey and Jessie are tall in our class, Is he right? Yes very good, sit down please. Then I will ask who is friendly in our class. Ella? She thinks that Lily and Monica are very friendly. Okay good sit down please.

And then who is a little thin in our class. Let’s point together. Yes, they are Rita and Ann. They are so thin. I think they should eat much. Right?

Now let’s have another game. I say what a person is like. If you are the one, you should stand up. Clear? And we see who stands the fastest. Who is quiet? Stand up quickly. Ok I saw, Albee, Betty and Michael stand up, and Albee is the fastest. Very good.

Then who is friendly? Oh, Kate is very fast. Who is strong? who is short? I can see you all master those words. You are so clever.

Here is a task for you. It’s about introducing your friends. I would like to divide into you into groups. Lily you four is group 1, then these four group 2, these four group 3 and these four group 4. Each group member first introduces each other and then I would like you to have a performance. Ten minutes for you. Time is up, which group wants to come here and have a show. I see group 1 put up their hands. Very brave. Now come to the stage, and with one introduce others.

Oh Iris would like to introduce others. Iris you can start. Iris said Lily is very friendly, Helen is tall and Rose is quiet. Is she right? Yes. Nicely done. You prepare very well. You did a very good job, go back to your seat. And which group wants to have a show next. okay group three really want to have one. Okay come here, who wants to introduce other members of your group.

Mandy please. He said Uylia in his group is quiet, Vicky is thin and Ivy is short. Is he right? Very good. And what about yourself? You said you are strong. Yeah, we can see that. Excellent your group. Go back to your seat.

After practicing I think you all know the words we have learned today. But I still want someone to summarize for me. Tina would you like to summarize what we have learned today? We have learned some new words for example, strong, quiet friendly, tall and short, yes very good sit down please.

So after class you can introduce your friends your parents when you go back home, for example whether he is thin or he is quiet or friendly and so on, understand? okay now class is over see you next time.

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